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No matter whether you are running a small business or a big firm, you need to send and receive hundreds of faxes each day. For the very same reason, you need to own a fax machine. However, there are many reasons why one can not afford a fax machine there. First Fax Machine is quite expensive and not everyone can afford it easily. Second you can not take it along wherever you go. In such cases, you need to use Online Fax Services with which you can receive Fax online from everywhere. There’s no any bound on receiving faxes, you can receive and can easily respond to it while on the go. If you are looking for such online Fax Service, here are the top 10 Best Online Fax Services enlisted. You can choose the best one from the list and start using it right away! 

Top 10 Best Online Fax Services

1. eFax


eFax is the most convenient and affordable way to send and receive Fax as Emails online. This is the best online fax service you can try. With this service, you won’t need any fax machine, paper or toner. The system requires only a proper Email account to be connected with. You can send fax instantly without waiting by using this service. eFax has over 11 million satisfied customers who send and receive fax to their clients and other important people everyday. eFax is also available in its app version. At present, eFax is available for Android and iOS smartphone platforms. For now, you can go for the free trial version of eFax for 30 days. If you are completely satisfied with its services, you can go for its paid version and can purchase a lifetime licence from it.

In the free trial version, user can send up to 50 pages and receive up to 130 pages. eFax provides the faster and secure services than any other online Fax services which is why people do like to use it. You too can give it a try, just follow the below given official link.

Go to eFax 

2. PopFax


PopFax is an online Fax Service which allows you to send and receive Fax online on your Computer. Initially, PopFax gives you a free account to send and receive fax from the system. Fortunately, with this trial version all the important options are enabled just for you to get the best user experience. You can even access all the productivity tools to manage your fax and other important data within its network. You can choose a local Fax number from over 500 cities in 50 countries with PopFax. You won’t be asked to put your credit card details for its services.

PopFax offers a free trial version for first 30 days. After that, you can make use of the same service at a nominal cost. You can either go with a monthly plan or per pages cost. You can choose the most affordable place afterwards. The service can easily be accessed from anywhere on PCs and Smartphones. If you are impressed with this online fax service, get more official details and a free trial version of it from the following link.

Go to PopFax

3. GotFreeFax


GotFreeFax is the most simplest way to send and receive fax online. With this online fax service, you can send/ receive Fax from Canada and US. The service is very simple as you can see in the snapshot. There’s no messy things on the homepage, just all the required information about sender and receiver to send and receive faxes from them. The service allows you to send and receive 2 free fax per day and 3 pages per fax. You can even go for its premium version to send multiple faxes. Premium pay per fax services and a premium business plan is also available to avail. GotFreeFax is super easy and the simplest online fax service you can use. You can go official by following the link mentioned below!

Go to GotFreeFax 

4. PamFax


PamFax is a popular online Fax service with a hundreds of amazing features to send and receive Fax online. You can easily use this service from around the World. The service is quite transparent as it requires nothing. You can make use of this service for free. If your demands are high, you can still use this service at nominal.

PamFax doesn’t support any advertisements and no any hidden cost. While signing up, you won’t be asked to put your personal credit cards details. The service is integrated with popular services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive a number of other. You can easily send Fax from these services with a simple contacts list. A simple and very easy to use online fax service you can try now. Fortunately, PamFax is available for multiple devices like Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac OS. You can easily use this service from anywhere on any devices instantly.

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5. MyFax


Faxing Made Easy with MyFax, an online Fax service allows you to send and receive Fax online Internationally without any additional app or software requirements. MyFax offers a simple user interface which can easily be used by anyone around the World. You can avail this service for free with its free 30 days trial version. You can send and receive Fax anywhere for 30 days with the free 30 days trial version of MyFax. After this, you can start its plan for just $10/ month. You can even cancel the order easily. MyFax offers two versions for personal use and for business use. If you are using it for business purpose, there are many affordable plans available with MyFax.

MyFax’s free trial version allows you to send up to 100 free Faxes per month and receive 200 Faxes. If your use is above than this, you can go for its paid version which is also available at a nominal cost. Fortunately, you can use this service from anywhere around the World on a PC or Table or Smartphone. Get official details now!

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6. FaxZero


FaxZero is a complete reliable online fax service allows you to send and receive Fax instantly from around World on your PC. This is the simplest way with which anyone can easily send and receive Fax to multiple users. This service can only be accessible through browser interface. There’s no any special apps available from FaxZero. You have to open its official website to send and receive Fax. The service is very simple, you just need to enter sender’s name and other required information and same for the receivers. You are allowed to attach files and can hit the Send button. It hardly takes a couple of minutes and gives you the best interface. You can send and receive maximum upto 3 pages per Fax and up to 5 Faxes per day from this service. If your need is high, you can go for its paid service as well.

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7. SmartFax


Expand your global reach with SmartFax, a free online Fax service allows you to send and receive fax Internationally. Initially, SmartFax allows you to use its free trial version for 30 days. The best thing about this free trial version is that, you can use all the premium features for free for 30 days. You need not to purchase any additional data plans for that. With SmartFax you can take your market to a wider space globally. Initially, you can send/ receive 250 pages, afterwards you can pay $0.08 per page for every new Fax.

SmartFax doesn’t require a proper Fax Machine to send and receive Fax from clients and other important people. No extra phone lines, no paper, no toner and nothing else. Just a proper account on SmartFax and required information about the receivers. You’re done. If you are looking for an online Fax Service, you should give this SmartFax app a single try. Go ahead and try it now!

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8. K7


K7 allows you to receive Fax and voice messages without being at the office. This is the most affordable way to send and receive Fax and voicemails through emails. This platform is quite convenient and requires no additional software or app to use it. It doesn’t ask you to put any additional data to the app. There’s no any separate app available for Android and iOS from K7, you have to make use of its services through its web based interface. You have to open its website and login through your account to start using its services.

The K7 provides you a free phone number with which you can interact with the people around the World. This number allows you to receive voicemails directly to this number without any other environment. User can easily open and listen to the voicemails easily. If you are someone who wants to use a multiple services, K7 is the best platform for you. It’s available for free and you can easily start using it right away on your PC. Just go to its official website, sign up for it, collect the required information and you’ll be allowed to use it instantly. Here’s the website!

Go to K7

9. Nextiva


Nextiva is the easiest, simplest and most affordable online Fax service for everyone. This service is widely available and anyone around the world can use it to send and receive free Fax Internationally. Nextiva is integrated with Microsoft and its applications which means it automatically syncs with all the Microsoft applications installed on your PC. The service is absolutely reliable and anyone can easily use it. Nextiva doesn’t require anything to make use of it. No paper, no toner, no Fax machine required. Works for free and requires nothing. With Nextiva, you can Fax from anywhere at anytime.

With Nextiva, you can attach and send word, excel files instantly for free. You don’t need to worry about the format of a file, just tap on to the Attach option and start using it right away! Take an instant overview of all the Faxes you have received and sent till date. Initially, you can go for its free 30 days trial version, afterwards you can go for its premium version which is also available at a nominal cost. Do visit its official site for more useful information. Here’s the link!

Go to Nextiva 

10. WonderFax


WonderFax is really a wonderful online fax service allows you to send and receive Fax instantly around the world. WonderFax is a simple and easy yet a powerful platform for online Fax servicing. This is the most trusted company to send Fax in UK. The service allows you a personal private number on which you can receive the Fax. The platform will convert it into PDF file and you can receive it in Email. You can even send Fax like this just by attaching its PDF file. WonderFax is the only service which works smoothly if you are looking for a way to receive Fax online.

WonderFax works simply and requires no additional skills to make use of it. The service is quite reliable and you don’t need to pay anything extra for it. No paper, no toner no any Fax machine, everything is for free here. WonderFax offers a complete professional service to its users which is the reason why it has become the most trusted online Fax service platform. There’s no any individual app available for smartphones, you have to come and visit its website on a PC to make use of it. Here’s the link to get its official information.

Go to WonderFax

So folks, these were all the extra ordinary and world’s top 10 Best Online Fax Services available for you. You can simply pick up your favourite one and can start using its services on the go. What’s more could you ask for? If you know any such services, do let us know in the comments. Do share your thoughts and opinions in front of us. We’d like to interact with you regarding your queries and questions. Stay tuned for more such informative tech updates from us in the coming time.



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