How to Download & Install Cydia

Apple is not as open for its user as Android platform but there is a way to explore your device completely, by Jailbreaking your device. And the first thing you need after Jailbreak is Cydia download, which is like an app store for jailbroken device. All the performance tweaks, apps, softwares are accessible through Cydia alone. But before we go into technical details of how to get Cydia, you must first know all about this amazing app manager for jailbroken device. Read below to find out all about it, and our detailed tutorial on How to Download & Install Cydia on your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


What is Cydia?

If you are a newbie and not so familiar with the terms Jailbreak or Cydia or so then you might be wondering what Cydia really is? Now to explain it in a simple term, Cydia is an app store for a jailbroken iOS device. Apple Store does not allow a lot of third-party and custom software and for all the tweaks and settings and software that Apple Store doesn’t allow, you have Cydia for that. With Cydia you can find settings to change your Apple device’s lock screen or get a new status bar design and lot more so. And since all these settings and third-party software are not allowed by Apple app store, so you first need to jailbreak your device to get Cydia. Remember that Jailbreaking is a necessary condition for installing Cydia on your iOS device.

What Can You Do with Cydia?

Actually the right question must be “what can I not do with Cydia?” as Cydia opens a whole new world of amazing apps, tweaks, settings, icons, features and lot more such stuff which Apple user can never enjoy otherwise. Apple has always been too strict in giving their users freedom of making changes in their devices. But with Cydia you can even make your iPhone look like an Android phone or a Windows phone as well.

But to give a short idea of what all can you do with Cydia, below are the things you might immediately be interested in once you get Cydia on your device.

  • Tweaks

Ever wanted to change the icons or the font on your device? Well with Cydia you can easily change the font, the carrier logo and can even use custom icons to make your iPhone look unique than just its stock appearance.

  • Themes

Cydia Themes

Apple only allows to change the wallpaper on your iOS device. But with Cydia’s Dreamboard or Winterboard themes, you can choose from the thousands of beautiful and stunning themes to give a unique look to your device. The collection of themes is so amazing that you might never return back to the original theme of your device ever again.

  • Apps

As said earlier, Cydia is like an app store for all kind of apps and settings you ever wanted for your iOS device but due to Apple’s strict policies can never get through. You can find tons of apps on Cydia that will enhance your experience of using your iPhone or iPad manifolds. Apps like biteSMS can drastically change your messaging way and only when you use the app you can know the difference between using stock apps and the performance tweaked Cydia apps.

  • Functionality

There are thousands of tweaks available through Cydia once your Jailbreak your device and install Cydia on it. One such tweak is FaceTime 3G which breaks Apple’s rule of not being able to use FaceTime via 3G network. Other settings like NCSettings allows you to make changes in device settings from the notification centre.

  • Lock-screens


Say goodbye to the boring lock screen of your iPhone or iPad. With Cydia you can explore among thousands of different lock screen themes and can make several changes to it. You can make the clock or the camera icon disappear from the lock screen. You can also change the look of your Unlock Slider or can even make it disappear completely.

So now when you are pretty much familiar with Cydia and the potential it unleashes for the users, you must be willing to install it on your device and run it as soon as possible. And getting Cydia on your device and running it very easy with one big step, Jailbreak. But configuring the app afterwards also takes some work. So find out all about on how to install Cydia on your device and configure it below.

How to Install Cydia on iPhone and iPad

Step 1: Jailbreak iOS device

  • The foremost requirement for installing Cydia on your iOS device is that your device must be jailbroken. If you are unaware of what does Jailbreak means then, in simple terms, it means allowing device to run custom and third-party software on it that Apple does not allow otherwise. Jailbreaking violates Apple’s term of service but you can always reverse it later.You can easily find a tutorial on internet to know how to jailbreak your iOS device. And once you jailbreak your device, you will then be able to see Cydia icon on your home screen.Pangu app
  • To jailbreak iOS6 or iOS 7 version you must download the evasion for the right version of your iOS device.
  • If you are using an iOS version 7.1 then you will need to download the latest released “Pangu” jailbreak. The version 1.1.0 comes with the English support in it so try to get this version for jailbreak.

Step 2: Connect your iOS device to the internet

Now you will need to configure the Cydia app for which your iOS device must have an active internet connection. Go to the Wireless Settings option on your device and check whether your device is connected to an internet network. If not then connect it to proceed further.

Step 3: Open Cydia and initialize the repositories

Install Cydia



Downloading Cydia

The Cydia installer gets installed automatically during the jailbreaking process. You can check the Cydia app icon on any of the page of your home screen. Now for the first time when you open the Cydia app you must allow it to initialize the repositories. This process will take a few seconds and the app will close automatically after the initialization is complete.

Step 4: Restart the app after initialization

Tap on the app icon again and the app will now take you to the “Who are you?” screen. Now select your interaction method as “User” from the option given there and then click on Done. Now if you are an advanced user and can handle more tools including command lines then you can opt for “hacker” or “developer” interaction method as well. But for an average user, the “user” type is recommended.

Who are you

Step 5: Download and upgrade the Cydia package

Now when your Cydia app starts it will check for the updates in its programming database. You can see the progress at the top of its window so you have to wait now as long as the database index is been downloaded.

Upgrade Essential

Now Cydia will ask for an “Upgrade Essential” or “Upgrade Complete” or “Ignore (Temporary)” option. You must select the “Upgrade Complete” option in order to get all the required components to run the app without encountering any errors later.

Step 6: Restart Cydia

And that’s it. You have successfully installed and configure your Cydia app on your iOS device. You are now ready to explore the app and download the iOS apps that are not available in the Apple Store.

How to use Cydia?

So now that you have Cydia app fully installed and running on your iOS device, you might want to know all about its various menu options. So take a quick insight in all the tabs available in Cydia to be able to better use the app interface for getting all the awesome stuff for your device.

These are the 5 major tabs in Cydia interface:

  • Home

Cydia Theme


Under the Home tab you can find your account information, the settings option, all the sponsored apps and FAQs.

  • Sections

Under this tab you can find all the apps categorized in a proper way. All you need to do is select the category you wish to explore and then you have access to all the amazing apps available.

  • Changes

Under this tab you can find all the updates and new additional programs for your already installed tweaks. So consider this tab as the update centre for all your  installed tweaks.

  • Manage

Manage Tab

Through this tab you can manage all your installed tweaks, apps, can add or remove the installed apps and you also get access to your device’s storage.

  • Search

Getting a desired tweak by searching it in all the repositories can be a tedious work sometimes. But if you already know the name of the tweak you are looking for then you can directly search for it through this tab and save yourself a lot of time.

So this basically covers up almost everything you need to know about Cydia for a time being. Cydia is an amazing way of utilizing your Jailbroken device and customize your device according to your requirements. So start adding amazing tweaks on your device to get the full out of your iPhone or iPad devices.


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