How to Download Google Maps Offline on Android Smartphone

Yes, you read that right! Google now allows you to save a desired map or location map to use and follow it without any kind of Internet connection. It’s very good move made by Google which is indeed a helpful one for masses. If you travel more often and access Google Maps regularly, you should save your desired maps offline so that you can access them even if you have no internet connectivity. How amazing that is! If you are looking for a way, get to know how you can download Google Maps Offline on Android Smartphone from here. Read on!

Google Maps Offline

In order to download Google Maps Offline on Android Smartphone, all you have to do is follow a few simple basic steps and you’re done. Following we have prepared a complete step by step tutorial. You just need to follow each of the given steps wisely and you’ll get an offline map of the desired location.

Note : In order to download an offline map, you have to be connected with a proper Internet connection. Once you get the map, you can use it offline anytime anywhere.

How to Download Google Maps Offline on Android Smartphone

Step 1 :

First thing you need to do is sign into your Google Account by entering a proper Username and Password. This is the mandatory thing you need to do as the offline map will be saved to your account directly. So make sure to log into your account before making any move with the offline maps.

Step 2 :

At the front page of the Google Maps, you could see a Search box from where you can search for the desired map to an access of it. Type Ok Maps into the search box and hit the Enter button.

Google Maps Offline 1

Step 3 :

A new dialog will be appear there, you need to tap on to the option “Save this map?” There’s also a Save button there, tap on it. This is quite an easy process as the pop up will itself come out and will ask you whether to save this map or not. If not, just select no option from the same page.

Google Maps Offline 2

Step 4 :

Once you select the option Save this Map? you’ll be asked to select the area to download it as a offline map. You can even zoom in or zoom out to check the desired location of your map which you need to use as offline. Make sure to put the right location there. The same map will be downloaded as an offline map. Of course, you can even zoom in and zoom out on the downloaded offline map.

Step 5 :

Once you select a proper area, tap the Save button given below the page. By doing so, the map will be downloaded and it will be saved to the given Google Account, for this reason you need to be logged into your personal Google account.

Step 6 :

The offline map will be saved and you can start using it offline from your Android smartphone by now!

Accessing an offline Map is also an easy process, however many of the people don’t know how to access it. Well, in order to use an offline map, you just need to tap the person icon which is given next to the direction icon. This icon will be right there beside the Search box. Make sure to go further accurately as it will need a bit of your attention while exploring the offline map which is just saved by you. Your personal account will be there on the display. You need to scroll down the page and select Saved Maps. Tap it out and you can start accessing it on your phone. You have to follow the same process in order to access this offline map in future.

I’m pretty sure that you are completely amazed how this thing works. However, there are some limitations of using an offline maps which is quite frustrating and not under your expectations.

Limitations of using an offline Google Maps

Just like every other free services, you may get some unknown errors while accessing an offline map within your Android smartphone. It’s just because there is no network to fix up the things. You have to deal with the errors that you may get while accessing an offline Google Maps. This error occurs while you are trying to zoom into your location. In order to solve this error, you are requested to save more maps by zooming in and zooming out with the same location. You can access each one of them whenever needed.

One more limitation of using an offline Google Map is that the offline maps get disappeared after 30 days, means you have to re-download the maps by following the above steps. You will get the map back after that. Make sure to download the desired one if it’s expired.

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