How to Access & Use Your Android Smartphone on PC / Laptop

Recently, we have shown you how you can access your PC/ Laptop from Android Smartphone. Today you’ll be guided to access & use your Android Smartphone on PC/ Laptop. Being an open source platform, Android offers a variety of features to get the best of technology within your hands. With an Android, you can actually get what you’ve desired. Android offers thousands of apps and games to fulfil all the needs of its users. If you want to access your Android smartphone from a PC or on your Laptop, following guidelines will help you out. A complete step by step detailed tutorial is given here, do follow the tutorial now!

AirDroid Logo

AirDroid is the app which lets you control your Android Smartphone with a Desktop app. AirDroid is the most convenient and easy way to use your Android smartphone and get the full access of your device right from your own PC or Laptop. AirDroid is also available as its web application which means you can access the device with its web URL, all it requires is a proper Internet connection. Both your PC and Android smartphone have to be connected with a Wi-Fi.

Initially, AirDroid was available to access only from the web browsers. Recently, the developers bring a native desktop AirDroid app for Mac and Windows users. With this app, you can easily launch the app and can get started using your Phone instantly without opening any web browser app. Isn’t it great? The app offers better notification handling to get instant notifications whenever you receive some messages or pings from the other contacts. If you are yet to aware about this app, following list of its features will help you out. Find out more from the list given below!

Note : AirDroid web has limited access of your Android smartphone. For better UI, you are requested to download the native desktop app of AirDroid which can easily be downloaded from its official page. We’d give you a direct link from which you can easily download the desktop app of AirDroid.

Features of AirDroid for Android

  • User can send and receive individual messages to other contacts
  • Transfer files between Android and other computers to any network instantly
  • Share files and chat with friends with better User Interface
  • Notification mirror feature lets you respond to your contacts quickly
  • AirMirror feature lets you use all of your Android apps within a PC
  • You can see contacts, edit them and delete them easily
  • Easily transfer photos from Android to other Computers
  • You can even play and manage music videos and much more between the device
  • User can export or import music between the devices
  • View the real time screen of your Android devices
  • User can see through the lens of both the cameras of your Android and much more
  • I’m sure, you have not seen such an incredible list of features on any apps, well everything is available here in this AirDroid app for free. Yes, AirDroid is absolutely for free for Mac and Windows and its mobile app is also available Android for free. All you need to do is download it properly and make a proper connection between your phone and the PC.

Furthermore, you are here to know the process with which you can easily get the full access and control of your Android smartphone from a PC or a Laptop. In order to do so, we request you to kindly follow the below given steps. We have managed to prepare a complete detailed tutorial with all the required snapshots to get you all the right way to use AirDroid on your PC. Let’s get on to the tutorial now!

How to Access & Use Your Android Smartphone on PC / Laptop

Note : First we have to download and install AirDroid application on a respective Android smartphone. Following steps will help you out!

Step 1 : 

Unlock your Android and tap on to the Apps icon. You’d see all the installed apps on the display. Tap on to Play Store’s icon and you’d be presented a home page of Play Store with all the apps and games.

Step 2 :

Tap on to Search option and enter AirDroid by using the Keyboard app of your Android smartphone.

AirDroid Tutorial 7

Step 3 :

You could see AirDroid app there, tap on to it and the official AirDroid page will be presented to you.

Step 4 :

Now, just like every other apps, you need to click the Install button and accept all the terms and conditions in order to move further with the installation process. Kindly follow all the given instructions well to get the required results at the end.

AirDroid Tutorial 8

AirDroid Tutorial 10

AirDroid Tutorial 9

Step 5 :

Once you accept the terms and conditions, downloading process will itself take place. It will take a few minutes to complete the entire process. You have to wait for a while until the process gets done.

Step 6 :

After a while, you will get a notification saying the app is successfully installed on your Android smartphone.

These were the steps to be followed in order to install an AirDroid app to your Android smartphone. Now, to connect your phone to the PC, you have to follow the below given steps on your PC. Make sure your PC is connected with the Internet.

Step 7 :

Open any web browser application from your PC or Laptop. You could use a Mozilla Firefox or a Chrome browser or any other web browser you are familiar with.


Step 8 :

Now, go to the Address bar and enter the following URL there.

AirDroid Tutorial 1

Go to : Web.AirDroid.com

Step 9 :

Once you enter the URL, hit the Enter button. You can just click out the link given above and you’ll be automatically redirected to the official web client of AirDroid application.

Step 10 :

AirDroid has an eye catchy User Interface which looks just adorable and user friendly. Anyone can easily get started with this app as you can see the official homepage of this app like the following image.

AirDroid Tutorial 2

Step 11 :

On the homepage, you would be asked to sign Into your AirDroid account. There are a couple of ways with which you can sign Into this app. You could enter your Email and Password, or you can Sign up with your other social networks. The other way to get started with this app is by scanning the QR Code.

Step 12 :

As you can see, the QR Code is right there on your desktop’s screen. Now, pick your Android device and launch the AirDroid app.

AirDroid Tutorial 11

Step 13 :

On the app, you could see an option to Scan the QR Code. Follow the below image for more information. Just tap this option and Scanner will be presented on your display. You need to take your phone to the QR Code which is right there on your Desktop.

AirDroid Tutorial 12

Step 14 :

Once it get scanned, you’ll be notified with a successful flash message saying your phone is now connected.

Step 15 :

Once the connection established, the desktop will automatically turned like the following image with all your Android’s details and other information about the connection. You could see everything in the following image.

AirDroid Tutorial 3

Step 16 :

At the left hand side, you could see all the useful icons with which you can make use of the apps and other contacts. At the right hand side you could see your phone’s details and available space and other information. You can directly drag and drop files to a particular section and the files will be placed to your Android smartphone. How amazing is that!

AirDroid Tutorial 6 AirDroid Tutorial 5 AirDroid Tutorial 4

That’s all folks, these were the steps you need to follow in order Access & Use Your Android Smartphone on PC / Laptop. The best thing about using this app is you don’t need to use any other connection in order to transfer photos and other files, just drag and drop files from your PC / Laptop to the AirDroid’s section. You can even use the Camera app from the PC as well. AirDroid works smoothly and has a simple User Interface for every Android users.

What’s your take on this? Got any questions or queries? Feel free to drop them out here in the comment box given below this post. We’d definitely help you out with proper solutions at the earliest. If you have anything further to suggest, do let us know about it as well. Stay tuned with us for more such useful tutorials to make you even more smarter with your smartphone.

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