How to Access Mobile Websites on PC in Firefox

The World’s becoming more advanced with the help of technology. As you know, Technology brings everything in front of us. Smartphone is the best way to describe how technology has changed a lifestyle of an individual. Nowadays, everyone uses a smartphone as there are plenty of different choices available to buy at an affordable price tags under your budget. You can buy your favourite smartphone studded with all the advanced technology features to explore the best of everything. Talking about browsing, there are thousands of websites which are specially developed for mobile phones. You can access such websites on the PC as well but it will remain small sized as you can see on your phone. If you want a proper access of such mobile websites, get to know the process to access mobile websites on PC in Firefox browser by following the report given below!

User Agent Switcher

Half of the Internet users are engaged with a smartphone. Instead of browsing things from a PC, most of them prefer to surf them via their respective smartphones which is a good thing. With a smartphone, you can easily get full access of everything. All it requires is a proper Internet connectivity on your smartphone. You can use any app, can play games, can surf social networking websites and much more by using a smartphone. For the very same reasons, thousands of websites are available and compatible with only Smartphone browsers. One can not get a complete access of such sites from a PC browsers. If you still want to access such mobile equipped websites, there are a few simple steps which need to be followed right away. Following are all the simple steps given in order to access Mobile Websites on PC in Firefox browser. You are requested to kindly follow each of the below given steps on your PC’s Firefox browser and then you will be able to access such websites. Here are all the steps to be followed!

Before moving on to the tutorial, you must know why such websites are not accessible from a PC browser. Well, such websites are called WAP sites which is nothing but a short form of Wireless Application Protocol. Such protocol is used to provide mobile contents from PC browsers. For the very same reason, PC browsers don’t understand this language and we can not access such WAP sites on a PC browser. In order to do so, you must have to use additional features which allow you to access such websites on a PC browser. Kindly follow the below steps where we have mentioned all the download links and proper snapshots to give you a proper information about this entire process to work with WAP sites on a PC browser, Firefox. Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers which is the reason why we are coming up with this tutorial.

Note : Following tutorial is for Mac users and you would see Snapshots of a Mac OS X. If you are using a Windows system, you need to follow the same steps, just make sure to select the proper options mentioned below in the tutorial.


How to Access Mobile Websites on PC in Firefox

Step 1 :

Make sure that a proper latest version of Firefox browser is installed on your PC. If there’s no any Firefox browser app installed on your PC, you need to install one now. If you are not aware about the process from where to download it, you just need to follow the link given below. Just click out this link now!

Download Firefox Web Browser 

Step 2 :

Click out the above mentioned link once. Downloading process will itself take place. It will take a few minutes to complete the process. After that, you would get a proper Installation file of the Firefox Web Browser for your PC.

Mozilla Firefox on Mac

Step 3 :

After getting the file, make sure to install it manually on your PC. Just double click on to the file and you’ll be asked whether to install it or not. Kindly hit the Install button and follow all the simple instructions while the process is running. After a few seconds, Firefox web browser will be installed on your PC and you could see an icon of it on your desktop for a quick launch!

Step 4 :

Now, you have to launch Firefox web browser on a respective PC. In order to do so, you just need to click on to the icon of Firefox which is given to your desktop. You could even launch it by making use of the Start Menu from your Windows system.

Step 5 :

Now, Mozilla Firefox offers a service called Add-ons which holds thousands of extra ordinary add-ons to make your web browsing super easier than ever before. You can use such add-ons to get done many of your tasks on the go without any troubles.

Step 6 :

In order to do so, first you need to go to the Tools option on your browser. In Mac, you could see it at the top of the main screen in your Firefox browser. Go to the Tools option and select Add-ons from there.

Mobile Websites on PC 1

Step 7 :

Firefox will present you an official Add-on page studded with all the extra ordinary add-ons for various purposes of its users. We need to install an Add-on called User Agent Switcher.

Step 8 :

Go to the search box and enter User Agent Switcher by using your PC’s Keyboard. Hit the Enter button once you finish.

Mobile Websites on PC 2

Step 9 :

You would be presented a whole list of all the items which is related to the entered name. Here you could see the requested Add-on at the top of the list. See the snapshot given below!

Mobile Websites on PC 3

Step 10 :

Now, see the right side of the requested Add-on, there’s an Install button given there. Kindly hit the Install button once. If you don’t get it, just follow the snapshots given below.

Mobile Websites on PC 4

Step 11 :

Downloading process will take place and in a few seconds, the process will be done.

Step 12 :

Now, on the same page, you could see an option Restart Now. You need to select this option in order to let the Add-on start working on your browser. By selecting this option, Firefox browser will be restarted itself. Make sure to finish all the important tasks which are being running on your browser before selecting the Restart option.


Mobile Websites on PC 5Step 13 :

Once the browser restarts, go to the Tools option once again. You could see one more option there with Default User Option. Make sure to take your cursor to this option and a new menu will be presented to you with a few browsers which are being available within this add-on.

Mobile Websites on PC 6

Step 14 :

Now, here you need to select the iPhone option in order to see the contents of the WAP sites only. Once you select this option, you need to restart your PC once again. For better user interface, you can Restart the entire PC for once.

Step 15 :

In order to revert back this settings, you can easily follow the same steps given above and unselect the items. Your browser will work normally and you would not be able to access mobile websites on PC.

Apart from this, there are a few more User Agents available within this add-on which can easily be added manually. If you want to access some more browser mobile websites like Opera, Skyfire, Bolt and other ones, just add them manually to the add-on. For that, you need to select Edit User Agents from the main menu and then click on to Add button. You would be allowed to enter a new Agent from that same option. Kindly add a proper Agent and restart your browser once. You’re done!

In addition, there are a few more ways with which we can easily switch between the agents to get full access of WAP sites on a browser. There are plenty of online WAP Emulators available which needs to be installed on your PC. The second way is to install Add-ons on your PC by making proper searches on the Internet. And the last way is to get offline emulators installed on your PC. These were all the ways with which we can Access Mobile Websites on PC in Firefox web browser. We have explained everything in the above tutorial, all you need to do is just follow the tutorial wisely. Perform the same operations as mentioned in the tutorial. Make sure to Restart your Browser once after installing an Add-on. You’re done with it!

What’s your take on this? Have you ever faced such problems while surfing the web on your PC? Do share your experiences with us. You can put your views and opinions as well in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have anything further to ask or any other queries, just let us know in the comments given below this post. We would like to interact with you regarding your queries and questions. Stay tuned for more such useful information about the technology. We are here to give you all the best of solutions on technology! Do suggest us what should we write next in the comment box!

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