Best Text Editing Apps for Android

Android is known as World’s most popular smartphone platform which offers a huge number of apps and games for all kinds of people. Being an open source platform, Android allows you to develop your own apps and games and push them to public on its own play store. Yes, Play Store is the place from where an Android user can easily download and install any app or game instantly without any interruption. All it requires is a some basic instructions and you’ll be done! Today we are going to get you a list of the Best text editing Apps for Android. If you write a lot on your Android to be remembered, follow this list and get them installed now!

Best Text Editing Apps for Android

Nowadays, everyone uses a smartphone having all the extra ordinary features in it. There are people who travel a lot and to keep everything managed, they do like to do various tasks right within a smartphone while on the go. It is actually possible with an Android as you can find out plenty of options to download your much need apps for free. You can do everything for a particular tasks and there are hundreds of apps for that.

Since, there’s a smartphone with you, you don’t need to carry a notepad along. You can write down and note down things on a smartphone by using an app. There’s a number of options available for you to download and install on your Android and we are here with the list. Following apps offer a complete destruction free environment where you can write done things which matters the most to you. You can even keep it remembered and can them back whenever you go. You can copy, cut and edit the texts whenever you want to. Isn’t that great? In order to do all this, there are hundreds of Text editing apps available. We have managed to compiled a list of all the extra ordinary Text Editing Apps for Android here. Follow the list and get your best one from it.

Best Text Editing Apps for Android

1. ColorNote

ColorNote is an independent Text Editor tool available for free for your Android smartphone. It’s a simple and easy to use Notepad app offers a decent User Interface for everyone. With this app, you can write notes, memos, e-mails, messages, shopping lists and to-do lists. The app serves a smoothest user experience which you might have never experienced before on any other such editing app. ColorNote saves your notes automatically, you don’t need to save the notes manually to your Android. Everything works smoothly here in this simple light weight app, ColorNote. With ColorNote, you can take simple notes, organize notes by color, putting notes in to the calendar, keep them remembered. User can even protect the notes by applying a password.

ColorNote has a set of advanced features with respect to the latest technology. You can write down anything on this app and it will be saved itself. You can take backup of your notes and sync it automatically. User can even share notes via different online platform by clicking on the Share button. In order to download this app on a respective Android smartphone, follow this below given link.

Download ColorNote for Android

2. Simple Notepad

Simple Notepad

Simple Notepad is a simple and easy to use text editing app available for your Android smartphone. With this app, you can take quick notes of anything which is important to be remembered while you are on the go. The app has got a huge number of additional features instead of just taking notes. Yes, you can do a lot of additional tasks within this adorable app, Simple Notepad.

Simple Notepad has millions of users and people find it easy to use this app. It has a set of extra ordinary features such as checklist, password protected notes, reminder, widget, customizable widget, convert notes to checklist, attaching pictures from camera or gallery to notes, search and sort, share, adding color notes and much more. Simple Notepad has all the basic and advanced features to keep everything organized. You don’t need to have a pen and a paper to note down things. Just keep this app installed on your device. Following link will help you.

Download Simple NotePad for Android 

3. Jota Text Editor

Jota Text Edtor

Jota Text Editor is a free and easy to use text editing tool for big texts. There comes a time when you are need of taking big text notes on your Android. Well, as soon as you are using an Android smartphone, you don’t need to worry about anything, as Jota Text Editor is available to download. Supports until 1 million characters which is a huge number.

Jota Text Editor has plenty of extra ordinary features to get all of your text related tasks done instantly. The app offers features like inputing texts, editing big notes, scroll texts with thumb, simple undo/ redo, creating a shortcut icon on the home, show line numbers, find words, auto save, cut, edit, paste and what not? There’s everything inside this free text editor, Jota Text Editor. The app is simple yet it has all the advanced text editing features to be explored and to make use of them all together. In order to download this app, just follow the below given link and get it installed right from there.

Download Jota Text Editor for Android

4. Evernote


Evernote is undoubtedly the best Editor app available not only for Android platform but for all the different smartphone platforms including Windows and Mac systems. Evernote is an independent app which has all the innovative and advanced features to keep everything organized instantly. The app can be downloaded as an app or you can use it even online with its web address, all it requires is a proper username and password to sync your data.

With Evernote, you can note down pretty much everything. Notes, photos, links, audio and whatever you want to. Everything will be saved to your personal account and you can fetch anything from anywhere around the World even if you don’t have your smartphone. Just tap on to the new note button and you can start taking a new note within the app. Add proper caption or title and start your note. Isn’t it great? Go ahead and get this Evernote app installed to your Android now!

Download Evernote for Android 

5. OneNote

One Note

OneNote is an official Microsoft Text Editor for all the Android users. Take all your notes along with you anywhere you go with this handy note taking app, OneNote. OneNote handles up everything including your personal notes, vacation notes, to-do lists, lectures and what not! If you are quite a busy person who wants to keep things remembered and want to get a proper notification of them, OneNote is here for you.

Type or jot down notes, record audio or snap a picture and OneNote saves it. The best thing about this app is it sync your notes to all of your devices where the same Email Id is used. You can even explore the notes from its official web page from anywhere around the world. There’s a separate share button too available to share the notes with others instantly. OneNote is available for all the smartphone platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone and all the other ones. Apart from smartphone platforms, OneNote is also available for Windows and Mac. You can have this app installed on any device you want, all it requires your username and password to access your notes from different devices just like Evernote app. OneNote app is for free and you can get it installed by following the below given download link.

Download OneNote for Android

6. Writer


Writer is yet another popular Text Editor app which is available for absolutely free. Writer is an independent app which requires nothing from you. The app is for free and compatible with all types of Android smartphones. The app is perfect for all the people who are keen to note down various things on a smartphone. It helps you from taking notes to writing big novels while traveling. You can even take pics and add additional things to your notes within this app.

Writer even allows you to select the text options. You can set the headers of your text and can put proper titles to your notes. You can even add proper words and find anything from the big notes. The app shows everything as a list and you can easily fetch your notes. You can edit them anytime you want to. Writer is a light weight app and works smoothly on an Android. Download it now by following the below given link.

Download Writer for Android 

7. Turbo Editor

Turbo Editor

Turbo Editor is simple, powerful and open source text editor for Android platform. The light weight app is compatible with all types of Android smartphones and offers an absolutely new experience. The app has a list of advanced text editing features to add and replace your notes in real time.

Turbo Editor allows you to add texts as notes. Super cool background theme with material icons. Search for anything while writing things within the app. You can even search for a proper word or entire note and folder by using the search button. Auto save option makes it easier to save whatever you note down without having to be worried about it. You can even translate your notes into different other languages within the app. The app is optimized for both, Android smartphones and Android tablets to take notes. It also has a share button to share notes easily with others. In order to download this app, just follow the link given below!

Download Turbo Editor for Android 

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