30+ Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

The Jailbreak tweak enthusiasts would understand the benefit of having Cydia installed on their device. The vast world of tweaks available not only make your device lot more customizable but also improves performance of the stock apps on it. So if you are looking for some awesome Cydia tweaks to try on your iOS 8 device then the list below will help you with some of the best and most useful Cydia tweaks for iOS 8.

Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

  1. WeatherBoard


This amazing tweak brings an astounding weather effects to iPhone’s Lock screen and Home screen. You can choose from over 80 of the amazing custom weather related wallpapers included in this tweak and to add more to it, this tweak can even provide weather effect according to the real-time weather of your location. It is one of the best cydia tweaks for lock screen that you can find on the internet.

  1. CleanLock

To hide your notifications from the prying eyes of others. you can now use the uncovered panel of this tweak that lets you access your hidden notifications by tapping on right side of your device’s screen.

  1. Vine++


With this Vine++ tweak users can easily download vine videos on their device now. And in addition to it this tweak also disables the autoplay feature which annoys quite a lot of vine users.

  1. StopSend

Autocorrect might sometime turn your message into something really embarrassing and so this tweak saves you from any sort of such embarrassment by disabling the Send button whenever there’s an autocorrect prompt active.

  1. Auxo 3


If you have used the app switcher that originally comes with iOS 8, then using this one of the best cydia tweaks, which is a combination of Control Centre and App Switcher, you will never go back to the original app switcher, ever again.

  1. Cylinder


Inspired by Barrel and lessened on BigBoss repo of Cydia, this tweak allows the user to add numerous different animation effects to icons present on your iPhone’s Home Screen.

  1. Gauss


This jailbreak tweak allows you to add many special effects to your iPhone’s music app. You can can add tint color, blur and various text color effects to the dull stock music app of your iOS device.

  1. AnyDrop


AirDrop is undoubtedly an amazing file sharing app but it has some restrictions on the type of files that you can share. But with the AnyDrop tweak, you can break all those barriers and with its ability to send DRM-less files you can do a lot more.

  1. Segue


The stock photo app on iOS only have a few transition animations for picture slideshow but Segue tweak adds a number of amazing animations to make your slideshow look lot more appealing and interesting.

10. Lockspeed

Unlocking the lock screen for making some urgent call might become frustrating sometimes and to avoid this you can you this tweak that adds an extra screen to lock screen which can hold 9 of your favourite contacts on speed dial. So no need to unlock screen to make calls to any of these numbers.

11. Nuntius


This beta tweak allows the users to quickly reply to any messages directly from the Notification Centre.

12. Eclipse 2

Eclipse 2

This jailbreak tweak brings system-wide dark mode to iOS 8. The Dark Mode allows user to be comfortable while using the iPhone during night. When using your device in a dark environment this mode reduces the strain on eye by using bright screen then.

13. Vex


With this tweak user can add themes to the Notification Centre and Control Centre on their iOS device. So this tweak essentially provides themes for both the interface.

14. Camrix


With camrix you can capture photos and videos from anywhere on iPhone. This tweak uses an Activator gesture and allows great ease with which you can capture pics and videos using rear or front facing camera.

15. Sleekcode


This simple tweak allows you to make some changes to the passcode screen like adding more blurs, hiding components and more so.

16. SBFlip

SB Flip

This tweak performs two tasks, one is to control rotation of your springboard/home screen, and other is to control the style of your dock icons during the rotated screen.

17. Slices


If you run more than one account on Instagram or Facebook or so then Slices can help you manage all the accounts lot more efficiently. With this tweak you need not to log out and log in again ever time you switch between different accounts and so no inconvenience handling multiple accounts.

18. Anchor


If you disliked the sticking together of your home screen app icons then Anchor might be helpful for you. With this tweak you can arrange your home screen app icons with spaces in between them and give a more tidy look to it.

19. Fuse


The lock screen clock and music controls are not available to work together in stock iOS 8. But with this tweak you can combine these two and be able to check the time together with controlling the playing track form your lock screen on iOS.

20. CameraTweak 3

Camera Tweak 3

This amazing tweak packs in some very advanced features like changing focal point control, resolution of FPS, control over ISO, focus shifting.  And all these features only make your stock camera app even more delight to use and capture perfect shots from.

21. BackupAZ

With this backup tweak you can easily create backup of your device and copy it to your computer. This tweak can backup all your Cydia tweaks and the settings as well which means it is something you definitely must have on your device.

22. ForceGoodFit


The iPhone 6/6+ users might have noticed that few apps, including Cydia, opens with zoomed up interface that makes it look ugly. But with this tweak you can make all the new and older apps fit proportionally on your device screen.

23. TouchPose+

TouchPose +

If you are willing to be able to portray your on-screen taps, then TouchPose+ is the perfect tweak for you. Lots of customizable options including changing tap circle color, size or using your own image, this tweak is the best in its business.

24. AirBlue Sharing


File sharing from iOS devices to other platform devices have always been a tricky and frustrating thing. But with the AirBlue Sharing tweak, you can not only share files from your iPhone or other iOS device to other platform devices like android or windows but can also share a lot more types of files including PDF files, music, videos and lot more.

25. BetterPowerDown

Better power down

With this tweak you can add additional power-off options to your iOS 8 device including iOS 6.x and iOS 7.1 power-down sliders as well.

26. Photo Organizer 8

Photo organizer 8

When you can select and deselect photos all at once, sort them and can import or sync them without iTunes, things that the stock photo app doesn’t allow you to do, then this Photo Organizer 8 tweak must be your immediate selection.

27. TapSpring

If going into Settings and then using Respring8 to restring your device feels too much work to do then with TapSpring all you need to do is to tap on app icon to respiring your device. But make sure that the tweak is still in beta version only.

28. CalcBase


If you perform too many mathematical calculations and need to shift from one base to another like from decimal to hex to binary and so, then CalcBase can let you do so a lot faster by simply swiping on LCD part of your calculator app.

29. ReachApp


This brilliant yet under-rated tweak allows user to interact with two apps simultaneously. This means you can now read your emails and can keep an eye on live soccer score together using the split-screen feature for multitasking between two different apps.

30. ColorBanners


With this tweak you can change the color of the banner alerts and lock screen. Apart from being able to change color of the alert to match it with its app’s icon, you can also hide grabber and remove banner blur effect.

  • Priority Hub

This tweak is accessible from Cydia’s Big Boss repo and allows users to group their lock screen notifications by app thus making it easy to read notifications pertaining to some particular app.

31. Springtomize 3

Springtomize 3

If personalizing your device with amazing customization options is all you are looking for then this tweak can provide you with the best customization experience for iOS 8.

32. Record n Torch

With this tweak you can easily turn off and on the flash light while recording a video by simply touching on the device screen.

33. NoBlur


With this tweak you can either turn down the blur or can remove it completely from your iOS 8 devices.

34. BerryC8


This amazing tweak allows users to launch their favorite apps directly from Lock screen. And with the Touch ID being kept in mind while designing this tweak, this tweak provides an even more enhanced experience for those who own device with Touch ID feature in it.

35. CyDelete


With CyDelete you can very easily uninstall any Cydia app right from the springboard. Just hold down the springboard icon and tap on X and app is uninstalled.

36. PrefDelete


With this tweak you can easily delete other tweaks by simply tapping and holding on that particular tweak’s name from Settings app. But only the tweaks that come with preference pane can be deleted so.

37. No Tracking

If you dislike the idea of your apps tracking your private data then use this tweak to stop the apps from doing so. And with apps unable to track your data, your device battery life is also improved, so a bonus as well.

So these were some of the best cydia tweaks that you can install on your iPhones and iPads after getting them jailbreaked in order to provide them a whole better look and functionality.

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